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Boxee for Windows -Alpha Build

April 23rd, 2009

I now have Boxee Alpha (build for Windows installed. Below are a few screenshots that highlight some of the new additions.

App Box
There is a new option on the left-side that says ‘App Box’. This replaces the old way to add repositories (applications people outside of Boxee have created) or remove content to make it less cluttered.

More Video Applications
Here are examples of most of the Internet Content video I have added. From left to right: Apple Movie Trailers, Best of YouTube, Boing Boing, CBS, CNet TV, CNN, CollegeHumor (originals), Comedy Central, Funny or Die, G4, GeekBrief TV, Hulu (my playlist), Hulu Feeds, Joost, Make: TV, MeFeedia, Monty Phyton YouTube Channel, MTV, My Boxee Feeds, MySpace TV, Next new Networks, On Networks, Onion News Network, Barack Obama channel, Public Torrents, Revision3, TED Talks, the WB, TV Library, TWIT Network, Video Podcasts, WizzardMedia and YouTube. 

One thing I would note, the Hulu (my playlist) is not needed as the actual Hulu Feeds app has an option for view my own playlist, you just have to login first.

The two repositories I’ve added are http://dir.thejakemarsh.com for TV Library and http://dir.boxeehq.com for TWIT, PBS, GameTrailers, SceneReleases and Openfilm (most which aren’t show in the images above)

New content has continued to get added but I’m waiting on the new Windows and Linux builds to start highlighting some of my favorite video apps. Right now I primarily use Boxee on Linux and since it does not have an app box, I’m unable to really use some of the new Apps that are only available through the new App Box.

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