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The Legend of Neil -Boxee App

December 22nd, 2009

I’ve finished designing my second application for the Boxee platform. I chose to create it around one of my favorite online web-series The Legend of Neil.

If you enjoyed The Legend of Zelda series as much as I did, then I think you’d enjoy the NSFW web-series, The Legend of Neil. It is about a gas station attendant who gets sucked into ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and has to fight his way out. You’ll get the idea of the show by watching the intro…

Below are a few screen-shots of what the app looks like in Boxee:
Legend of Neil Intro

Legend of Neil Season 1

To add it to Boxee, just add the following repository: http://dir.gregms.com and then add The Legend of Neil app. If you have already added the all inclusive third-party Boxee Repository, then The Legend of Neil should now be available.

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