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Frostbite Film Fest -Boxee App

February 27th, 2010

I’ve finished work on the Frostbite Film Festival Boxee Application. It currently contains all of the videos for the 2010 competition.


If your not familiar with the festival, it is a 24-hour film-making contest in which the participating teams had to develop a three minute short film that included 5 mystery plot elements revealed the morning of the contest. For 2010, these Elements Included:

* A Power Tool(s)
* A Sandwich
* A Prank Phone Call
* Something Breaking
* A Freeze Frame Shot

After the required elements were revealed, the participants have 24 hours to: write, cast, shoot, edit, musically score, and submit their original films. Entries are judged based on originality, adherence to the rules, technical quality, and overall entertainment value. More information about the competition can be found on their website:

To add the application into Boxee, just add the following repository: and then add the Frostbite Film Fest app. If you have already added the all inclusive third-party Boxee Repository, then the Frostbite Film Fest app is available from there.

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