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Cranky Geeks -Boxee app

December 1st, 2009

I’ve been interested for a long time in developing my own apps for the Boxee platform and over this past month, I finally had a chance to do it.

The first app I created is for the round-table technology show Cranky Geeks hosted by none other than John C. Dvorak.

For those that¬†watched Dvorak’s show Silicon Spin on TechTV/ZDTV, Cranky Geeks is a similar type of show. But if you didn’t watch, Cranky Geeks is a 30-minute weekly discussion show over technology topics of the week. Sebastian Rupley usually joins him as the “co-crank” along with two other panel members. Some notable panelist have included: Molly Wood, Om Malik, Tom Merritt, Jim Louderback, Harry McCracken, David Spark, Garnett Lee, Leo Laporte, Veronica Belmont, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

Below is a screen-shot of what the app looks like in Boxee:

To add it to Boxee, just add the following repository: and then add the Cranky Geeks app. If you have already added the all inclusive third-party Boxee Repository, then the Cranky Geeks app should now be available.

My next app will be The Legend of Neil webseries, which is a spoof on the television/video game series Legend of Zelda. It is a NSFW webseries, but very entertaining.

Update: The Legend of Neil app is now available: Click here to find out more.

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