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Hulu Removed From Boxee

February 18th, 2009

I learned today that Hulu’s content providers have asked them to block the media center application Boxee from accessing their content.

Honestly, what are the content providers of Hulu thinking? For those unfamiliar, is a joint-venture between NBC and News Corp. but has more content then just those. It’s unclear at this time which content provider has asked them to block Boxee, but blocking them is just plain stupid. While Boxee is in a way open-source, their Hulu application is closed, plus those who watch Hulu on Boxee still watch all the commercials one sees on their website.

So to sum up, Boxee provides a way to get more people to legally watch TV shows, and people still watch their ads. Why would Hulu content providers not want to be Boxee? The more places the better!

Well here is another question, why is it that CBS (another Boxee application) does not have the 1st episode of Jericho (from the 1st season). I would love to start watching the series, but when I can’t watch the 1st episode, how can I get hooked? They have the 2nd episode, and then they skip to the 6th. Does this make sense to anyone? Check it out for yourself:

Wake up content providers!

On a side-note, for those missing Hulu on Boxee, Jake Marsh has created an app to help ease the pain. Just add “rss://” to your sources from within the Boxee app itself (not via the website). Or visit for free downloads of all your favorite shows without commercials. Thanks once again Hulu content providers!

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